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Jaka JA


The project "Jaka JA" is intended for young girls - students of technical faculties, with the goal of development of their mental health, considering that the mental health of students is becoming an increasing concern in today's society. Mental ilnesses have serious consequences on academic success, productivity and social relationships, and by implementing this project, GirlTHing addresses this problem in our community.

Project goal

Considering the mission and the vision of our association, with the project "Jaka JA", which is intended for young girls - students of technical faculties, we want to give them an opportunity in the field of mental and physical health. The ultimative vision of the Association of Young Women "GirlTHing" is defined as "Female students graduate from their IT faculties as capable and strong individuals with the clear vision of their career.", and the goal of the "Jaka JA" project fits right in the beforementioned vision, because the mental health and strengthening yourself as an individual is the first step towards successful career.


The project was opened with "Online Booster Night” webinar, where participants from a large number of cities had the opportunity to talk with our guests Katarina Urošević and Majda Mujanović Babović in a pleasant atmosphere about life's struggles and challenges both at school and at the workplace, and about of setting the limits and priorites as well as about posivitive changes and improving mental health.

Physical inactivity is one of the main enemies of mental health. It is precisely from this rhetoric that two trainings were organized in the framework of the project "Jaka JA" in order to physically "motivate" students. On this occasion, female students had the opportunity to work on their bodies, and to step out of their comfort zone. A special emphasis was on the training of self-defense, which was led by Una Selman Žilić, so the girls could physically process their emotions that create them pressure and dissatisfaction. Through the yoga training, led by Nadina Šećerbegović, students could see the benefits of the physical activity, that connects the mind and the body.

Considering that the stigma about mental health still exists in today's society, in the framework of this project group psychoeducations were held with an experienced psychotherapist, Teufika Ibrahimefendić, which female students used as an opportunity to speak up, analyze and overcome every obstacle they face in everyday life. The participants through various group tasks, under the guidance of Teufika Ibrahimefendić, managed to meet their own fears, problems and challenges they face each day.

Oftenly, we group people based on their physical appearance, e.g. whether they are male of female. But, that is only one side of personality. There are so many different things that speak up about us, besides what is on the outside.

Teufika Ibrahimefendić, Gestalt psychotherapist