Ministry of culture, sports, and young people of Tuzla Canton

Kreativke u IT-u


"Kreativke u IT-u" project is designed in such a way, that young girls - students are brought closer to the world of information technologies (IT) in a creative way. IT sector is rapidly developing and today one of the most popular professions are the ones they have not existed a year ago. However, the stigma that IT careers are not for women is still prevalent. Unfortunately, the technology industry is still considered a male-dominated sphere. Terms such as a programmer or developer primarily refer to a very intelligent men who know how to write the code and to develop interesting applications. A large number of girls believe that they are not suitable for this profession, i.e. they believe they lack intelligence, logic, and courage to take their shot in IT. For this reason, it is important to introduce young girls to all possible professions in IT sector. This will be very important to taking down barriers and incresing the number of women included in the technology industry.

Targeted group

Project is intended for young women - students, aged between 18-26 years, that will have the opportunity to introduce themselves with UX/UI design. We want to awaken their imagination and creativity and to bring the IT sector and design closer to them, in order for them to discover how the graphic editing of Web pages and mobile applications is actually done. And also, one of the goals is to motivate them to further explore and learn in an endless treasure of informations and new technologies in IT sector. The project activities include educations of the female students and learning the basics of UX/UI design with the goal of creating an user interface. It is important to say that the formal education does not offer this type of educations, even though UX/UI designer is one of the most sought-after professions in the IT sector.


The training for the UX/UI design will be consisted of 3 modules, and each one of them will last 3 hours. Modules are consisted of theoretical and practical part, and the participants will have the opportunity to see the purpose and the impact of the UX/UI design, elements and the components of the UI design and to implement the UI/UX design on the Web page. Each part will include a large part of practical exercises to make the participants can understand, adopt and apply the learned skills as easily and better as possible.

The duration of the project and the place

From 1st December 2021 till 21st March 2022 in the premises of the Code Hub, Bit Center in Tuzla.